Technology Evaluation: Adobe Animate

Adobe Animate


Adobe Animate is animation software used by professionals AND can be a wonderful tool in the classroom. It is a little tricky getting started, but I’ve published a Canvas course for beginners. Click here to enroll!

Adobe uses keyframes to animate. I explain this to students like pages on a flip book.  You can see the keyframes along the top, the are the little rectangles with black circles inside. The black circles mean there is an image on that frame. This is from a quick animation I made to explain how to use Arc’s in animation. You can find more details in the Canvas Course.

Students love to learn how to animate because it unlocks a whole world of creation. I’ve had students use Animate to create explanations for Science Fair Projects, make interesting background clips for green-screen and make their own animated shorts.

I feel strongly that we should expose students to as many mediums of expression as possible. That way they have the tools and ability to express themselves.

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