Technology Evaluation: Canva

Canva (not to be confused with Canvas) is a free online graphic design tool. I like Canva because it is easy to use, and provides a huge library of templates.

Once students select a template type they are offered many more customization options with many different colors, fonts, and icons.


How to Use in a Classroom

I’ve used Canva while teaching Graphic Design and made up different “clients” and requests for design work. For example my students had to design a business card for a plumber.

Canva has many uses in the classroom outside of design. Students can make infographics, design posters, presentations, or brochures. I often use it to design my own worksheets.

Canva also has a collaborative aspect, you can share a project with others to work on it synonymously – similar to google docs.


Canva is free to use, there are just some graphics that do cost money (Usually a dollar a graphic). You can still use these graphics for free, they will just have a watermark on them.

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