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Classcraft is a gamified classroom tool. Similar to class Dojo, students earn experience points based on positive classroom behavior, and can lose health if they are acting inappropriately. It is tailored for older students, probably 6-12th. I am very tempted to try it out in my class.

Here is an informational video if you are interested.

I decided to try setting my class up to see how I liked it. I was very happy to see that Classcraft syncs with Google Classroom. 

Once you login there are tons of resources to learn how to play. I was most excited to see that I can make formative assessments as Boss battles for my class. I would have loved being in a classroom that plays this.

The next part to set up is choosing what your classroom rewards and sentences are. I love how customizable it is for every different teaching style.

I am not very familiar with class Dojo, but I was impressed with Classcrafts team options. My classroom could use some community building.



I was planning on just testing Classcraft by setting it up, but I was so impressed I am going to try using it for the final quarter of my school year.


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  1. Rachel – One of the other high school teacher here, in science, uses Classcraft too. She thinks it has does wonders for the engagement in class. I can tell you if I walk by all of those kids have their heads bent into those computers and it is quiet in there. She tells me the kids get mad at their group members who miss class because they end up getting behind as a team – so there is some peer pressure to show up to class. I could see how this would be great for a lot of kids. I would think if you had some really religious parents, they might find it offensive because of the pagan type ideas of mages etc. I moved up from Colorado and we had a really strong Christian community – I know that I would not have been allowed to use something like this in the classroom without explicit permission from parents. Aside from that – it sounds like the new age for teaching – learning through gaming! I would love to hear how it goes in your classroom! Are you going to assign kids to groups or let them pick their own teams?

  2. I love it! This looks like a great motivational tool for older students. I agree that ClassDojo is better geared toward the younger grades. Good luck using this with your class for the next quarter, you’ll have to let us know how it goes!

  3. Oh I love this! I’ve heard of it before but never did any investigating of my own. I like that it’s tailored to older students; I have two classes in mind already where I could see this working. My only concern is incorporating it into our my classes and taking up instructional time. I would be interested to see how that fits in when you’re teaching— I assume you incorporate the games in it with your class content? My students take so long getting logged into computers, finding one that works (sometimes), and putting them away, my biggest hesitation to use this would be time management. Otherwise, I like that you’re going to try it for the last quarter— I’m tempted to do the same!

  4. Wow this sounds so cool!!! I watched it video you linked and loved how students are rewarded for their academic performance but also helping each other. I really enjoyed watching the video because you could tell the creator was very passionate about the game. Do you have any ideas how it could be used in elementary grades, or is it limited to middle and high school?

  5. That’s neat. There is a teacher this year that has been using a gaming theme in her classroom to motivate students. She would hand out badges for students to put into binders. She didn’t go full digital with it. I’m interested to find out how this goes in your classroom. Maybe you can post follow up as a blog post.

  6. I could see how this would be very motivating for students! Hopefully it will work out well when you implement it in your class.

  7. I used Classcraft last year with my fourth graders and they liked it a lot, but it was a little time consuming to me. I really wish I would have started it this year because I have a classroom that is great at working together in teams. I did end up paying for a subscription last year, but I didn’t want to have to pay again this year. I wanted something that was free, so I went back to Class Dojo.

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