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iMovie is an incredible tool for education. You can have students make video presentations, documentaries, book reviews, news, and so much more. Learning about to edit video is an important tool as it has become such a popular media medium. I’ve used iMovie frequently in my own classroom, students love to make Stop Motion videos.

iMovie does have its issues. You are limited to Apple devices, the editing effects are limited, and it takes up a large amount of stage space. If you are teaching video production to students K-8 I would use iMovie, higher up you should be using Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere.

iMovie is very user friendly, simple, and can have some powerful effects. My favorite part of iMovie is how easy it is to greenscreen, check out my video on how to greenscreen, made with green screens!


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  1. I love iMovie! My choir just did a music video project using iMovie. I definitely like how user friendly it is, the only time I started noticing a problem was when I tried to do very detailed editing. Maybe I missed a function while exploring the program? Do you have any advice for detailed editing?

    1. iMovie is pretty limited, it is an easier editing platform. By detailed do you mean trimming clips? Or adding in effects?

      If it is trimming you can go to the top menu bar and hit Window, then chose Show Clip Trimmer.

      I recommend getting Final Cut Pro if want a more advanced platform.

  2. My students love iMovie! I’ve used it to have students make book trailers or retellings of stories we’ve read. There are just so many different ways to use iMovie. We run into some of the same issues, too. If students are making a movie on one laptop, they need the same laptop until they’re done; otherwise it’s a hassle to save it and share it and reopen it to edit it anywhere else.

    Thank you for the video about using the green screen! I have never tried that feature before, but now I want to show it to my kids so they can use it next time.

  3. I am really excited about this. I have an I-phone and it is downloading I-movie right now. I think this is something I could use with my high school classes. At least a few of the kids have I-phones and I think they would be totally excited to make a movie. I am also downloading the video converter – thank you for the instructional video – I am going to watch it. Is this compatible at all with other products? Our school just converted to Chromebooks, which are really not great at using other technology – no Microsoft Word on them for instance. I have some older Macbooks in my classroom – I am assuming we will have to use those? Thanks for turning me onto this! Tracy

    1. The Green Screen process should be similar in most editing software.

      I agree about the Chromebook problem. They are so nice and affordable, but they don’t have as many applications. I like using Google Docs instead of Word because you don’t have to save. Apple spoiled us with all their software.

      WeVideo is a video editing extension you can use on Chromebook.

  4. Cool video! I don’t have much experience with video editing so I’m interested to see what all iMovie has to offer.. other than greenscreen, what else can iMovie do / what are some of your other favorite effects? My video experience is primarily limited to Camtasia – do you know how that compares to iMovie?

    1. I haven’t used Camtasia, is it worth checking out?

      I like using iMovies Trailer Templates. It helps students just starting out because it has premade storyboards.

      1. Camtasia is great – but I believe it is fairly expensive so iMovie may give you all the options you want/need without the $$. I’ll have to check out the premade storyboards!

  5. YES! I love iMovie. I remember first using iMovie back in 2000 in high school to make movies. I started a YouTube channel this past year and started out using iMovie. Later in the year, I switched to Final Cut Pro. I like the additional features in Final Cut Pro but haven’t figured out how to not use all the free space on my hard drive. For some reason, it takes up about 40-50GB every time I make one movie. I played around with a green screen years ago but haven’t yet. I really liked your video. We actually have a green screen in our tech room and I’m going to try and play around with it now.

    1. I’m glad you liked it! Do you use Canvas? I made a free Green Screen Course you are welcome to use with your students. Just search Green Screen in the Canvas Commons.

    1. I’ve used iMovie in many different ways. When I was teaching middle school technology we used it everyday! For a general elementary classroom I love to make book trailers.

      This website ( has excellent storyboards for iMovie Trailets. It is really important to plan your movies, especially when working with younger students. I give a checklist of requirements they need to fit in their trailer, and then let them create. Kids normally hit the ground running with movies.

      I think the iMovie Trailer Book project works so well because it is pre-formatted and the students only need to worry about content. Here is a trailer some of my students made about a chapter in their social studies books.

  6. There is so much that you can do with iMovie. Unfortunately, the school district where I teach doesn’t have Macs. Everything is a PC. I bring in my Mac from home, but I don’t have enough storage space for students to use iMovie on it. I love how you are using it though!

  7. There seems to be a lot of interest in making stop motion movies. In my school a teacher meets with a group of homeschool students twice a week to create stop motion movies. I don’t think they use iMovie but I wonder if it would be easy for them to learn.
    Before your post I hadn’t thought of the many uses of iMovie in the classroom. When I think of the program I mostly think what you tubers uses to edit their movies. Thanks for sharing all the other great uses.

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