Technology Evaluation: KidsDinos

This week I will be evaluating an online resource. Normally I have evaluated different applications, but I stumbled across this site while designing a unit on dinosaurs and fossils.

I was so impressed by this website because of its detailed dinosaur information that is presented in a kid friendly format. There are many videos and activities to supplement the dinosaur information and to help teachers differentiate.

I used this website in my class when we did dinosaur reports. I wanted to find one kid friendly website for kids to gather their information since I had been working with my class about properly citing information. My students were able to find quick facts about each dinosaur, and explore dino content on their own. Here is a sample dinosaur information page.



I hope you find this helpful, it is a site to bookmark for the next time your class studies these “terrible lizards.”

One thought on “Technology Evaluation: KidsDinos”

  1. Awesome! I have a young boy that loves dinosaurs. I’m going to share this with his mom. I’m also going to bookmark this for later. I really like this class because we all went out and found some of the best resources and tools on the web and put them all together.

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