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Typing Agent is a gamified typing programs for students. I have had great success using it with middle schoolers, and elementary. It has basic gamification elements such as; customization options, leaderboards, point rewards and highscores.

They have a cool video you can watch that has all their features here:

I use Typing Agent in my classroom as an alternative Tech option alongside Spelling City. In my language arts rotations, students have 25 mins for each task. If they finish their Spelling City they move on to typing practice. There are many multiplayer typing games that students love. A popular one is battleship with typing.


You can completely turn off games, or you can have students earn tokens by completing the typing lessons. As the teacher there are tons of great reports and charts about student progress. I can set different goals for each student. Below is one of my favorite charts that quickly shows how well each student is doing thought the curriculum. My students have become confident typers. They have noticed a speed improvement and are all confident using a computer to write.

8 thoughts on “Technology Evaluation – Typing Agent”

  1. Ooh, I’m definitely going to have to share this will my colleagues! We have a “study skills” class that all 6th graders have to take as a basic “here’s how to survive middle school” boot camp. This would be a great addition for that class, thanks for sharing!

  2. How to improve keyboarding skills is something almost every teacher is interested in. This looks like a good place to do that.

  3. When I first saw the title of your post this week I thought it was a keyboard typing program. I have to say I am glad it isn’t, I remember when I was in middle school I had to take typing classes. Do students still take typing classes?
    I like the idea of combining spelling with games because it gets students to do something that they may not enjoy. How do you use this in your classroom for a station? I am always curious how teachers set up technology that involves desktop computers or laptops. I find it always takes a lot of time to transition and ends up wasting a lot of time getting students off the computers and moved on to the next station.

  4. I like that you can track their progress! And like Amanda said, it would be a great addition to a program like that when students are transitioning to a new school or grade level. Speaking as an English teacher, we’ve been typing the final drafts of essays, so it’s beneficial for students (and me) when they can type more efficiently— that way, more time is spent on instruction or sharing rather than actually typing up the final draft. This TYPE of program is definitely something I would encourage them to use!

  5. I have heard of this program, but I haven’t used it. I think it would be something my fourth grade students would enjoy. It would also benefit them. I didn’t take typing class until I was in high school, but that was a long time ago. I can see the need for students to start at a much younger age. I like that you use it for students who finish Spelling City. I can see it being a motivator for students to stay on task so they can get their time in on Typing Agent. I’m definitely going to check it out!

  6. I need to do this myself. My wife is constantly teasing me about my lack of typing skills. I feel like i am the fastest self taught typist in the world, but I have never even timed myself to see how many words per minute I can actually do. I sometimes feel like a failure for not learning how to do it the “right way”, but then I turn into a curmudgeon and think “I’ve been doing it this way my whole life and I am just fine!”

  7. I watched the video and looked at the website but couldn’t see how much it costs. Do you know how much that program is? It looked like it is fun and engaging. I told my school’s tech aide about it but she said we already have Typing Club. We pay $800 a year for the whole district. I was wondering how the two compared.

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